Erotic Energy

This weekend i had a fantastical, spiritual, and energizing erotic experience.  

There is an organization that conducts workshops of all kinds that bring together men to connect, bond, nurture and support each other through getting in touch their erotic energy by experiencing the sacred touch of other men…not in an effort to be sexual and reach ejaculation, but rather to reach new heights with erotic touch without ejaculating.

After bonding on the first day, clothes were shed in groups of four in a slow nurturing ritual.  Each man was blindfolded when it was his turn to have the others remove his clothes.  It was done slowly with supportive intention where each man was accepted into a brotherhood where all are equal and not judged by age, race, body type, or by the size of their cock.  

Rhythmic breathing, dance, playfulness, and sharing our souls prepares us for the next step of our journey together.

We learned different ways of approaching and stimulating a cock. Our own and another man’s.  Each of us was the recipient of the sacred touch through massaging the entire body with intense concentration on the cock.  Then, i was honored to be invited into the sacred journey of other men by giving erotic touch to them.  It seemed spiritual, and a form of worshipping the male body, especially the phallus.  

There were cut dicks, uncut dicks, smaller & larger sized cocks.  Some got hard…really, really hard!  And others did not.  There were moans and groans of ecstasy; there was laughter; joyful noises, and yes, some tears and sobs due to the extremely emotional reconnection each man had with his erotic being.  

We learned new ways of self pleasuring, getting away from the rapid fist pump up and down to reach orgasm and cum as quickly as possible.  This was a Zen approach to masturbation.  Enjoying the ride without rushing to the destination.  

It was a powerful, transformative, sacred experience.

At the closing ceremony we were told of other workshop offerings.  i was extremely intrigued by one workshop in particular.  It is similar to this one, but incorporates BDSM dynamics including spanking, flogging and other impact play with massage worked into the weekend experience.  It is scheduled in another city at the end of April.  But, i already requested more information and raised the topic with my husband of me going to a “retreat” that is a continuation of this “mind, body, health and spiritual” weekend i just had.

i never offered that we were all naked nearly the entire weekend, or that we received AND gave sacred erotic touch.  It was my experience to have and to keep in my heart sharing it only with those i choose…and that is Y/you my wonderful readers!
Thank Y/you for going on this sacred journey with me.  And,
Thank Y/you for reading,

boy stray