Pulse Remembrance and Gay Pride

Two events.  A week apart.  A year has flown by.  Yet for each person who had a loved one murdered at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016 each day likely felt an eternity during this one year.  my husband and i attended the Unity Rally in Fort Lauderdale on June 11th.  The attendance was good…but nowhere near what it should have been.  The usual political speeches and ecumenical representation by various religions and denominations.  The most gut wrenching, emotional moments came for me when 49 volunteers walked out each one holding overhead a picture of a Pulse shooting victim.  So very sad!

The following Saturday was the annual Stonewall Pride Day and Parade.  The weather, while hot, was at least not scorchingly oppressive and the rain held off.  Both pluses in my book.  Again I thought attendance was marginally okay, but, and maybe it’s me, but it didn’t seem raucously, outrageously, overwhelmingly fun this year.  Everyone seemed well behaved, descently dressed, and drinking in moderation.  There were no well known performers advertised.  The Grand Marshall of the parade was the lovely Sharon Gless, a famous actress from Queer as Folk & Cagney and Lacey.  

So two events.  A week apart.  One a day of sadness, anger, and calls for justice.  The second a day of joy and celebration for the current freedoms we enjoy, and calls to action to RESIST those efforts to take away our rights, and to fight against those who threaten us or seek to intimidate us.  Or even brutalize us.  We will not be silent.  We will resist!