Will, Won’t or Maybe Monday #2

This week i want to talk about three more activities that are included on most BDSM Checklists.

Anal plugs, or butt plugs, as they are more commonly known, are a tapered, round, cone-shaped, rubber-like device with a wide base. They come in many different lengths and diameters to accommodate and/or challenge the most anally adventurous among us.

Anal plugs are similar to dildos but are usually kept in place for an extended time by using the muscles of the anus and the pelvic floor. It can help strengthen the anal muscles, may stimulate the prostate, or may simply add a feeling of fullness and pressure heightening the sexual pleasure.

Always use an anal plug with a wide base. Trust me, you do not want the plug to slide completely inside the rectum, which would require an ER visit so a doctor can extract the butt plug safely.

If this kind of play is new to you, most likely you will need to start with a shorter and narrower version. You may want to put a condom on it to make clean up easier. You will use lots of lube and start by fingering or having your Partner finger your anus. Then, when you are sufficiently stimulated, SLOWLY begin introducing the smaller, rounded end of the plug slowly into the anus passing both the external & the internal sphincters. Insert it completely until the base of the butt plug is flat with one end touching the perineum and the other between the buttocks. Keep it in place as long as you can, or want to,…or for as long as your Dom tells you to. You can even masturbate or get a blow job with it in, and you can even fuck someone with your own butt plug in place. Talk about an intense orgasm!

i’ve heard and read stories of Dominants making Their sub insert a butt plug and then taking them out to dinner or other activities that make keeping the plug comfortably in place increasingly difficult.  Or even the sub being given a butt plug in a restaurant and told to go to the restroom and insert it before coming back to the table.

When you want to remove the device, or when allowed to by your Master, do so SLOWLY, and very GENTLY! You do not want to cause undesirable pain or injury to the anus. Do not overuse the butt plug which could cause an unwanted loosening of your asshole. Clean the plug thoroughly after each use with hot water and soap. Allow it to air dry, then store it in a clean dry place.  Remember you can put a condom on it before use.

When I first saw aromas listed I didn’t know if it meant “poppers” or “manscent”. So, I want to talk briefly about both. Poppers, in my humble opinion, make sex and orgasm GREAT! In the old days we called it amyl nitrate, which was a prescription cardiac drug causing a sudden rush of blood to the brain due to vasodilation or a relaxation of the blood vessels. The blood pressure goes down, the heart beats faster, the sensations heighten. All this together causes an intensification of positive emotions, that increases feelings of lust, decreases inhibitions and encourages an animalistic sexuality. Orgasms seem more intense and last longer, and some men say it makes their cock and balls feel massive.

Use them with caution. Since it lowers blood pressure you CAN NOT inhale poppers if you take erection pills, have heart disease or any kind of circulatory problems. I already told you my experience with being given a hit of poppers a while after taking a Viagra “party pill.” Believe me…be careful when using poppers.

Ok, who likes man smells? You’ll see in personal ads or profiles “no cologne or deodorant” because those smells mask or alter the natural musky manly scent of a man. “Man smell” to me is a bit of sweat, sexual pheromones, clean but musky underarm scent, the smell of Leather, and maybe a mix of beer breath and cigarette (cigar) breath as well. I really get turned on by these smells. But everyone’s different. Some gay men love cologne, scented soap and deodorant, and even scented body sprays. To each, his own! But, that ain’t me!

i will begin by saying this is extremely dangerous!! Also known as breath control, erotic asphyxiation is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purpose of sexual arousal. It can be done alone or with a partner present. It is done in various ways…a plastic bag over the head, strangulation by self or other, chest restriction, or even gas or other volatile solvents.

It is DANGEROUS even if it is practiced with care. This is ultimate EDGE Play. If you must try it, do so with other people present. Be sure rescue measures are in place beforehand, just in case. And make sure everyone present knows how to activate emergency services, AND knows the address where the play is taking place.
i was going to get all “high up on my horse” saying i’ve never done this. However, i wrote about my brief experience with the belt around my neck in a previous post. i admit i have done some really stupid things putting myself in potentially dangerous situations.

Don’t do what i have done without prior, informed CONSENT! Please educate yourselves, play only with experienced Dominants, and don’t take unnecessary risks. i understand the draw of edge play, but build trust in the Dom with whom you are playing, and evaluate His knowledge and skill level, before ever putting your life at risk.  Remember– Safe, Sane, Consensual!

Next week, ball stretching, bathroom use control, and beating [soft & hard].

Thanks for reading,

boy stray