Me, a Master? Sure. Why not?

With Covid raging all over the world and getting worse in this country my life has been redirected in a few different ways. Since there is no leather night life and hook ups could be deadly and there’s no place to wear leather, practically the only thing I have done in a year is I have a bunch of shit on Amazon that I really didn’t mean, cruise the hook up sites even though I didn’t really intend to hook up with anyone, take online webinars and classes most of which had to do with leather and BDSM and then of course there was my diving into the study of Spanish.

I have always loved studying languages. But I realized after many years that when the going got rough I jumped out. And what that means is when we begin studying different verb tenses and the vocabulary continue to grow exponentially that we were supposed to memorize it became too much for me. It was too big a challenge! So I wouldn’t continue with the next level of the class in college.

Through the years I studied Latin in high school for one year. I took four years of German, but when my brother and I went to Germany I was too afraid to even try to say anything in German. When I went to college I thought, “I’ll take French.” Or was that a mistake! It seems nothing was spelled the way it was pronounced it was A total struggle the whole semester. To this day I remember I Waco Texas boy it was good looking and had a nice football player field but when he spoke French it was jaw-dropping. All I recall him saying one day was bonjour. But the way he pronounced as well as bone Geror. I got the biggest kick out of that. And that happens geez almost well I won’t even say how many years ago. But I’m wondering if that’s the way we come off and sound to native speakers of whatever language we’re trying to learn.

So when Covid began I thought well maybe I should do something to keep my brain functioning rather than watching TV constantly. So I looked online and found a site and an app called I talkie. So I signed up and found an excellent tutor. I pay I think now it’s nine dollars an hour for each lesson. I begin studying Spanish with him on March 3, 2020. I have a textbook that we use and amazingly I am making great strides. My teacher is young and good-looking for one thing. He lives in Buenos Aires and we meet on Skype zoom. Much of it is reading and conversation so I’m getting a lot of practice with actually using the language. I do have homework and have to learn the verb conjugations but it doesn’t seem as difficult this time as did you and when I took Spanish in German and French in Latin years and years ago.